It contains descriptions of visualization problems, solving approaches of those and the reflection of this process.

Rethinking Word Clouds

Positioning of objects on the x & y axis are the most effective visual elements of a graphic (Bertin, J., 1983). How can we use this insight to rethink word clouds? Bertin, J., 1983. Semiology of graphics. In The Scope of


Radial Tree Improvements

In this example we have taken a basic tree visualization from the official D3 website, a Javascript-Library for web-visualizations, and asked us how we can improve this given instance in the case of typography. Node Tree from D3js.org Ensuing you


Typographic Hierarchy in Tree Maps

Beside the direct usage of hierarchic methods in typography, as described in our introduction post, we also want to consider about the seemingly conceptional counterdraft – how we can improve hierarchical visualizations with typography. Hierarchies therefore are often represented as tree. There


Overlapping of Text

Often datapoints within a graphic overlap. What kind of options do we have to get around this problem when placing type?   One solution comes from Mike Bostock. He calls them Voroni Labels.


Typographic Hierarchy in Tree Layouts

Hierarchical structured data is very common and there are many ways to visualize these types of data, treemaps, dendrograms or Reingold–Tilford Trees for example. Examples: Cluster Dendrogram Radial Reingold–Tilford Tree But can’t we convey the hierarchy of the data within the